How to plan your instagram feed with Planoly

Planning your Instagram feed may sound like a tedious task for some, but one that can become quite fun and addictive but most of all time-saving. If you are using your Instagram as a business or even just for fun. Staying consistent is important in keeping your followers up to date and interested in what you are doing.
So one of the best ways to keep consistent is by planning your Instagram feed way ahead and posting at the right times. This way you can kick back relax and rest while your Instagram feed is storted for you.

3 Simple Steps to Create a DIY Peony Flower Wreath

Is there a better way of kick-starting 2019 than with a guest blog post? I think not. This year I want to take my blog in places I have never been and experiment more and try some awesome experiences. And a great way to do it is start off the year with a guest post, which by the way this blog has never had. 

My guest blogger is the lovely Dina Creations  whom I have previously written a guest post for on her blog, which was a super sweet pink ombre cake recipe, which you can read here. 

How to edit your photos for a bright and clean Instagram feed

I usually asked about how I curate my Instagram feed and stories. And I decided to share with you the apps and tips I use to create a memorable Instagram account. I am all about getting creative. It would sound like a cliche to say that it is a passion, but trust me when I say I can spend hours watching and researching how to edit or find creative ways to show a story. For me, Instagram is more than just pretty images or reviews on products I am using but a way to show life in a positive and way and to tell a story in-between.

I thought it was about time to create a series of Instagram blog posts, these posts will range from creating a clean bright Instagram feed to planning your feed and finally creating memorable Instagram stories that not only look good but make your followers coming back for more.

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